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Updated: Jul 29, 2020

What happens when a grammar geek and a creative storyteller join forces? Besides having ongoing heated debates about which book genres are the best, these two innovative souls put their heads together and alas, Write & Day was born. You might have noticed, but we’re also major pun aficionados. Like night and day, we are complete opposites in every sense of the word, yet we also complement each other; where one is weak, the other is strong, and vice versa. So, what are we all about, anyway?

Simply put: we love what we do. Even more so, we love helping others transform their visions into realities. Whether we’re writing web content for a new brand, composing monthly blogs for your business, or helping you write your first book, we’ve got you covered. From the idea on a post-it note to the final, finished product, we walk with our clients every step of the way. Using a hands-on, results-oriented approach, we believe in the beauty of collaboration, always working one-on-one with our clients. So many companies and individuals have such grand ideas, yet their delivery ultimately falls short time and time again.

That’s where we come in.

We bring your vision to life, one sentence at a time.

Yesi, our Chief Creative Officer, specializes in curating diverse and visual storytelling with an eclectic twist. The head of our marketing and creative department, Yesi also works with other freelancers to illustrate the most dazzling look for their brand. When it comes to writing, she takes her creativity to a whole new level, integrating just the right touch of love and care in any project. This girl knows how to work her magic. She can take the most mundane project and somehow transform it to be the most fun and enjoyable piece in no time.

Jac, Write & Day’s Editor-In-Chief, is a proudly devoted comma queen. Whether she’s reading her latest grab from the library or reviewing content before publication, she always has an eye out for flaws. The woman has no shame in rereading a manuscript or text over and over again until she’s 157% sure that it’s absolutely exemplary. She believes that in order for a brand or individual to be taken seriously, their content needs to be not only strong and engaging but mistake-free. You name it—spelling mistakes, punctuation errors or grammar mishaps, she’ll find it, and she’ll fix it—with pride and joy.

Together, our team can tackle any writing challenge and transcend it with grace. What makes us stand out is our transparency and flexibility when working with clients. We’re upfront and candid; we work with you, no matter what. As frequent passengers on the struggle bus, we get it—life is full of unpredictable surprises. It’s how one handles the situation that really matters. Let us guide you!

Everyone has a #story to tell that can impact the world, big or small. With the right strategy and writing that comes straight from the heart, your story will be displayed in the best light possible—always shining your way.


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