An open letter to 2020

Dear 2020,

You know that licorice snack they sell in movie theaters (back before they closed hundreds of them down, because of you, might I add) that no one ever bought? The ones that when you chew them, they taste like cherries for 0.03 seconds before losing all its flavor? Yeah, that’s right. You’re licorice. A sweet treat turned tasteless. 2020, you came, you saw, and good God, did you arrive with full force.

Stink, stank, stunk is more like it.

Humanity was not at all prepared for you. In fact, we celebrated and waited for you with sheer excitement on NYE in 2019. Oh, how young we were back then! If we knew then what we knew now. But life doesn’t work like that, huh? Life isn’t meant to give you a 30-second preview of what’s to come like Netflix offers. Instead, we’re met with what was supposed to be a 21-day mandatory quarantine. Nine months later, here we are, wearing face masks everywhere we go, our hands dry from all the Purell. 2020 threw up a massive curveball. Jobs were lost, the country was practically shut down for weeks, people grew weary of being stuck at home. I know I did. Patience is not a virtue I possess, but I had to learn quickly that it was the best way to deal with…well, all of this.

As did so many other people around me. It’s a funny thing, not realizing how much you take the little things for granted in life until you’re stripped away from it. Until someone tells you that if you leave your home and have COVID, you might contract it to someone else. And so on and so forth. And it’s so scary to think that. Downright a nightmare you feel like you can’t escape from.

Life as we knew it changed in an instant.

Nine months later, what have we learned? Besides dressing for work on top while rocking yoga pants?






& a newfound love for Netflix.

And so much more. We learned new things about ourselves, our friends, and our family. Although we felt alone at times, each of us were connected by grace and hope. The grace to be able to live our lives during this pandemic to the best of our ability. The hope that the world would heal. We conquered challenges, obstacles, and emotional rollercoasters. We rose in action, displaying truth and good character for the things that mattered most. We acknowledged things that were otherwise swept under rugs and hidden in dusty cupboards.

Most importantly, we grew.

2020 taught us so much under a blanket of uncertainty.

2020 was the year we rose up to the challenge as a society.

2020 was fucking tough.

& these emotions–everything we went through–will stay with us.

2021, dare I say it; I’m ready for you. Are you?

xoxo, Yesi


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