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Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Grab Life By The Marbles

The struggle bus is real. Many of us are passengers on this shitshow together, just trying to figure it out along the way. Each speed bump, detour, and road rage encounter seems to nudge us just a bit more, careening us ever so slightly towards the edge. Then right when we feel like we’re about to lose it, our heel decides to break off as we're walking into an important meeting. Ah, the joys of adulting.

Fun Fact: Yesi's heel broke 5 minutes before a meeting with a client. From then on, we believe in the art of packing multiple pairs of shoes with us.

We’ve all been there: those endless days of working and slaying the adulting game. Yet, we’ve all also struggled with the notion that there simply aren’t enough hours in a day. Or cups of coffee. Do you often feel like you’re juggling your responsibilities like a crazed madman escaped from the circus, barely keeping it all together as you stumble haphazardly through the streets of life? Yep, sounds about right. And of course, then there are those folks who seem to live flawlessly, effortlessly even. You know the ones. That friend/ acquaintance who wakes up at 4 am every morning to go to Crossfit, has a light breakfast, then she’s off to work in her fabulous downtown office–at a career she really loves. And she has full benefits, including a 401k!

Meanwhile, some of us are over here, still wondering WTF a 401k is and how on earth it works.

She’s the friend that somehow makes walking in heels look like she’s gliding on air. The one who insists on wearing her heels to Publix after a long day of work rather than just kicking those bad boys off and trading them for Old Navy flip flops the moment she gets in the car. While the rest of us are sweating profusely as we commute from Point A to Point B, she appears not to have sweat glands, period. Rather, she glistens in the sun– shimmers, even. But then again, so do you! The question many of us are left asking is, but how do we manage to keep it all together? Now, while I’m not a doctor–simply a millennial who understands that life can get just a tad complicated sometimes–I’ve discovered some tried and true methods on how to remain calm at all times and still be the seamlessly cool adult you were meant to be. And why? Well, because you’re worth it. So, without further ado, let's get in there.

1. Set aside a few precious moments to yourself each morning. When you first wake up, allow yourself to stay disconnected from the outside world for just a little while longer. You don’t want the first thing you see when you wake up to be the latest catastrophe on CNN or scroll through your IG feed to discover which one of your high school arch nemeses just got engaged in Bali. Whether you spend this time practicing yoga, mindfulness or catching up on your latest read, you’re creating that sacred space to get your mind in the right place so you can properly jumpstart your day. While I’m a big advocate for morning yoga, one thing that always helps calm my nerves is cuddling with my kitten. Lying in bed with him for a few minutes each morning as I love him (and he purrs like the maniac that he is) means everything to me. Engage in something that you feel you don’t have enough time for anymore. Because honestly, there are enough hours in the day! It's just a matter of spending them wisely.

2. First and foremost, you’re beautiful–just the way you are. But sometimes, we have those days where we want to bundle up in a sweater and forget that the world exists. Those are the times where you should take a few extra minutes before you head out in the morning and take a deep gaze at yourself in the mirror. Do you see that? That beautiful, disastrous creature is you: perfectly imperfect, remarkable you. Didn’t have time to wash your hair? Spray a little dry shampoo. Throw on some mascara and add a cute accessory. Wear clothes that you feel both comfortable and sexy in. Heels are fabulous if you want to walk around feeling like a boss b!tch all day, but if they kill you, I totally get it. Fuck it, maybe even keep your sweater on. Why does it matter? Well, based on personal experience(s), when you look good and feel good, great things will follow. 3. Make a list of everything that you have to tackle that day. It makes a huge difference. If you're old school like me, opt with the ol’ pen & paper route. Otherwise, compiling notes on your phone or computer works just as well. I like to break down my lists each day, so I’ll create a “personal” list of things to do, a “work” list of things to do, and a list of whatever calls or appointments I have that day. I rank these items in order of highest priority. Whatever items you didn't get around to that day, drag them over to the following day’s list, adding or changing whatever necessary. And let me tell you, the rush you feel when you get to check these items off your list or mark them as completed is the best!!! It allows you to feel that sense of accomplishment in which you so deserve.

4. Breathe. This one sounds simple, but it’s a tool that many of us often overlook. Whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed and like your brain is about to explode, allow yourself to step back and take a big, deep, cleansing breath. Do this three times. Your heart rate will immediately go down, and you’ll feel much calmer, ready to tackle whatever task you have at hand. If you find yourself in a situation where you can’t physically take a step back (like your boss is standing right in your face asking how on earth you could have forgotten to order more water for the reception area), then simply focus on your breathing. Envision each inhale and exhale. Focus on this and you’ll automatically calm down, all the while bracing yourself for your witty retort. “Oh, you like your water wet, do ya, boss?”

5. Be confident. Even if you feel like you don’t have a clue as to WTF you’re doing, have the faith and confidence that you’ll figure it out. Besides, no one really knows what they’re doing. We’re all just winging it and figuring it out as we go along. Whatever the task, know that you’re more than capable of not only doing so but doing a tremendous job. It’s just a matter of putting in the time and research, which, if you’re dedicated, you will. Have the mentality that you’ve already accomplished the task before even setting out to do it. No matter what, remember that YOU GOT THIS.

Look, at the end of the day, we’re all just trying to figure out this adventure called "life" day by day. Yes, it can be extremely overwhelming at times. We’ve all seen that corny T-shirt exclaiming, “24 hours in a day! Twenty-four beers in a case...Coincidence? I think not.” Well, yeah. It's definitely not a coincidence. And hey, maybe beer isn’t your first choice of an adult beverage–perhaps it's wine, coffee, tea, tequila, or even YooHoo. It's whatever floats your boat. Bottom line: remember what it is that makes you happy and simultaneously keeps you sane, and do that. Life is short, our days are numbered, and all we can do is the best that we can.

But also, current mood:

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