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Ever wish you could find the write words that actually connect with your audience? Well, that’s what we do. We’re creative writers, editors, and book coaches. 


Jacqueline and Yesenia here, but you can call us Jac & Yesi. We take your stories and spin them into gold. 


You see, we started Write & Day because we noticed there were no creative editorial teams around. All we saw was a cut-throat world of copywriters and seasoned journalists. As writers, we knew we weren’t the only ones seeking support. We yearned for this sense of community, but without the harsh words and cruel judgment of old-school editing. So, with our combined experience and trusty English degrees, Write & Day was born. We believe in working with you, not for you. 

We're changing the paradigm of storytelling,

one page at a time.

For Writers:


With our personalized coaching plans, you can finally feel at ease and finish that final draft. As a team, we’ll cover and break down every element of your manuscript so that it’s compelling and captivating all at once. Gone are those nights spent in agonizing torture trying to finish that chapter (or page, really, because SAME). This is for the writers who stare out into the great unknown, unable to find the right synonym or Deus Ex Machina for their story.


It’s time to bring imagination back to the world. The call to adventure is waiting...Are you going to answer? 

For Business Owners:


Are you a fem-focused business that’s kicking ass in your industry? You know your shit, and no one can top your skills when it comes to your trade. But...no one’s perfect, right? While others may be shy to admit it, you know your writing could use some improvement. Let’s face it–you still confuse there, they’re and their, and have no idea where a comma goes. You’ve got an empire to run, and you don’t have time to make sure your writing is flawless. We totally get it, and we’re here to help. Don’t worry, we’re male-friendly too!


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Jac & Yesi

Jacqueline Lee

I love helping others improve their writing. After graduating from FIU, I partnered up with my best friend & created Write & Day, serving as the proud Editor-In-Chief. When I’m not writing, I’m reading–psychological thrillers & memoirs are my faves! I also enjoy hanging out with my cat, Van.

Fun Fact: My first job ever was at the local library. #DeweyDecimalSystem4Life

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Yesenia Roque

My reading style ranges from short stories to YA to even classic Archie comics. I graduated from FIU with a BA in English & hold a certificate in Public & Professional Writing. I'm the Creative Director of W&D, where I oversee the developmental editing for book projects, working with clients to cultivate their idea into reality.

Fun Fact: I enjoy heated debates about the oxford comma. 

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