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Founded by Jacqueline Lee and Yesenia Roque, Write & Day is a boutique writing agency dedicated to the power of storytelling. The W&D team believes that everyone has a tale that can impact the world, whether big or small. Devoted to changing the paradigm of writing, they can turn any idea into a novel. With over ten years of combined experience, W&D showcases the beauty of writing for a purpose. 

After all, what are we if not storytellers?

happy Writing, 

Jac & Yesi

Jacqueline Lee

Jac fell in love with words when she began reading at the age of four, voraciously devouring The Berenstein Bears books with an unmatched appetite. Growing up, she spent much of her time in libraries and bookstores (her first job ever was at the local library!). Jacqueline began her college career at Saint Leo University in Tampa, Florida, where she studied English and Psychology.


After realizing her love for editing, Jacqueline continued on to attend Florida International University where she earned her BA in English and her certificate in professional writing. Since then, she has stayed committed to her editing career, spearheading Write & Day as Editor-in-Chief. In her spare time, she loves hanging out with her cat, reading all the books she can get her hands on, and traveling as much as possible.

Fun Fact: She knows the Dewey Decimal System by heart. 

Yesenia Roque

Yesenia first began her storytelling journey when she was a little girl, listening to her grandfather recount his time in Cuba. She loved hearing the stories about how her grandparents met and fell in love. Since then, Yesi has been consuming literary works of fiction ranging from short stories to YA to even classic Archie comics. 

Yesenia attended Florida International University, where she pursued her BA in English and French literature, with a certificate in Public and Professional Writing. Her passion for creating enticing pieces for readers stems from her 10+ years of freelancing and photography. Yesi's vast knowledge of literary styles and formatting makes her the ideal Creative Director of W&D, where she oversees the storyboarding process for book projects, working with clients to cultivate their idea into reality.  

Fun Fact: She is currently in the process of writing her first book to be published in Fall 2020. #BOLO

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