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If you’re a business owner or freelancer, branding must be on your radar. Think you may need a rebrand? Here are some useful tips.

A Little FYI About Branding:

Branding is a marketing tactic used all over the world. Your business card? Part of your brand. What about your website? You better believe it. The colors in your logo? Yep, that too. You see, branding isn’t just for big-time businesses. It’s for anyone- from a small business to a corporation. So, what is branding, anyway?

For example, think about Old Spice, the men’s deodorant brand. Instead of appealing exclusively to older men, the brand now sells to males of all ages. Why? After a simple rebranding of their marketing strategy using a more ‘millennial-appealing’ approach, guess what? They’re now one of the most highly regarded companies. The name may fool you, but their marketing team has outsmarted the elements. Sexy, bold, and innovative, Old Spice is a perfect example of what to do for a rebrand, and that’s to listen to your audience.

Moreover, branding is much more than color schemes and website design. A substantial brand presence provides recognition for the company and makes a positive difference, while an ineffective brand presence makes a negative difference, such as a decline in revenue. You’ll need the utmost care and precision when deciding on what your brand will be and what it will look like in the future. Your branding strategy is what goes behind everything you do in your business. So, let us tell you:

It’s the little things that matter.

In short, branding is the face of your company. It’s how others perceive you and the lasting impression it leaves on your audience. By using the right visuals, tone, font, and colors, your brand communicates your personality and builds your reputation. So, how do you know if it’s time for a company rebrand makeover?

Here are some clues:

  1. Your mission or business model has changed. It’s not uncommon for companies to end up in an unexpected place from where they initially started. However, if your business no longer reflects who you are as a company anymore, it’s time for a change.
  2. 2. You have an outdated website, business cards, or logo. Ever feel nervous about handing out your business card, and it had nothing to do with your crippling anxiety? Is your website so prehistoric that you felt the need to take it down, and tell the world it’s ‘under construction’ because you’re ashamed of its antique look? If you’re not reeling in new business through this, this is why.
  3. You’ve merged with another business. Do your customers know? How does this change or affect your brand’s look? These acquisitions are an ideal opportunity to restructure your brand. Rebranding should be one of the first items of business to tackle after a merger or acquisition.
  4. 4. You’ve expanded your services. Have a whole new menu to offer? What’s the new look? As companies grow, they sometimes broaden or modify their services. When this happens, make sure your brand still reflects your company’s vision.
  5. 5. Your brand is often confused with your competitor’s. Your brand should exemplify your company’s core values and ideas. If you realize that your brand looks similar to another, more well-established brand, it will appear as if your values and beliefs have gone out the window. Your customers will go next.